In a typical civil litigation case, there is a dispute between two or more individuals or businesses with one or more parties seeking either money or a specific action. Examples of such may involve personal injury claims, business disputes, contract disputes, or civil rights disputes.

Civil Litigation Areas of dispute in which I Have extensive experience include:

PERSONAL INJURY and PROPERTY DAMAGE: Including Automobile Accidents, Slips and Falls, Intentional Acts, and Products Liability.

PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE: Including when Professionals Fall Below the Standard of Care.

COMMERCIAL DISPUTES: Including Business Disputes, Debt Collections, Contract Disputes, and Partnership Disputes.

REAL ESTATE DISPUTES: Including Partition Actions, Leases, Broker Disputes, Construction Defects and Neighbor Disputes.

CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS: Including when the Government injures your Civil Rights or when private parties such as Business Establishments or Employers injure your Civil Rights.

If you are currently involved in a civil legal dispute, you may fear that expensive courtroom proceedings are your only option. The litigation process can, indeed, be long and expensive, but I can help you achieve a favorable resolution through other means. I am eager to help you resolve your current civil dispute, be it through negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or, if necessary, litigation in court.

40 Years of Respected Representation

The Law Office of Frank D. Presto, III has a great reputation and with good reason. I have successfully resolved a variety of complicated civil cases. Passionate about my clients’ cases, for almost 40 years , I have stood as a zealous advocate on behalf of my valued clients, both in and out of court. I consistently provide attentive and compassionate support.