In my almost 40 years I have vigorously defended clients charged with a wide variety of misdemeanors and felonies. No matter how serious the charges are or what you have been accused of, please understand that you are innocent until and unless you are proven guilty. It is my job to counsel you, to represent you and to defend you in pursuit of the best resolution possible. That is my oath and my word.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Service

I represent adults and juveniles in and around the San Francisco Bay Area charged with misdemeanors and felonies of all kinds. Please discuss your case with me whether you see your specific offense listed below or not. There is no fee for the initial consultation for criminal matters.

  • DUI/DWI – I can help you in every aspect of your driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs case.
  • Driving offenses – I represent clients charged with minor traffic offenses as well as major driving offenses and accidents.
  • Drug offenses – Are you charged with possession, sales, trafficking, manufacturing, or any other drug offense? I provide effective, aggressive legal defense.
  • Theft offenses – Whether you are accused of shoplifting, writing bad checks, buying or selling stolen property, grand theft auto or any other theft offense, I will provide vigorous representation.
  • White Collar Crime offenses – Whether you are accused of frauds, embezzlement, or other crimes involving even complex financial transactions – I can effectively present your defense.
  • Violent crimes, sex crimes – Just because you were accused of a crime – even a violent crime or a sex crime – it does not mean you are guilty.
  • Domestic Violence – Domestic Violence charges often occur while the accused person is involved in a family law case with the accuser.If the intricate legal interplay between the two cases of Domestic Violence and Family Law is mishandled it can have serious consequences for the accused person whereby the accused person suffers an avoidable criminal conviction.Also, it can have serious consequences in the family law case regarding the issues of child custody, child visitation and the amounts of support.I have extensive experience in successfully handling such concurrent cases. Thus, as the one attorney handling both cases the client need not hire two attorneys.

Early interview is often highly Advantageous in a Criminal Defense Case

One of the most beneficial steps for your case is for you to say NOTHING to the police and immediately demand the presence of an attorney. Then contact me immediately.

The police are well experienced and know how to exploit people hopefully thinking that if they just “explain” the matter to the police it will go away. The police tactics for doing such are legion. Of course, the police desire a full confession, but they hope and will be satisfied with obtaining any admission, no matter how slight, even if it’s a single word, that can and will be used against you.

Remaining silent, however, gives your attorney the best opportunity to discuss your case with the prosecutor before charges are filed or if they have already been filed, whenever possible, to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Even if there is a conviction, there are numerous alternatives to jail or prison that often may be accomplished through negotiation. In addition to dismissals and reductions in charges, I may pursue probation, community service, drug court, veterans court, classes or other desirable alternatives.