When Others Pay Your Fees

A consultation with a lawyer, even if you must pay for it, might be worth it to find out if you must pay for your attorney fees or somebody else may.

There are many laws whereby the opposing side must pay your attorney’s fees. For example, in civil rights cases and family law cases. Also, perhaps your contract or lease with the other party may state that the loser must pay the winner’s attorney’s fees. With most lawsuits, however, the parties each pay their own attorneys’ fees.

In the criminal area, if you cannot afford a lawyer the court will appoint one for you. If there’s a question about your inability to pay, frequently one will be appointed anyhow. Later though, there may be a court hearing to determine if you should pay for the court appointed lawyer.

In family law cases, the law mandates that the court ensure the parties have equal representation. So, it is quite possible that the court will require the higher earning party to pay some or all of the lower earning party’s attorney’s fees.